Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Eleven80 Apartment

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Cold Weather Tips: How To Stay Warm In Winter Weather

Apartment Living Cold Weather Hacks

Here at Eleven80 Apartments, we understand the bite of winter weather and the need to stay cozy. The NJ winter season in unpredictable at best. So here are some great tips from people just like you trying to keep warm without having to spend a fortune turning up the heat.

Tip # 1 Space -

Be sure to close the doors to all the extra rooms in the house not being immediately used to conserve heat. It's easier to heat a smaller room than the entire apartment.

Tip # 2 Cold Drafts -

Be sure to place a towel or a draft protector at the base of doors and around windows where cold air drafts can be felt coming through.

Tip # 3 Use The Sun -

The sun is your friend. Anything it touches, even if it's winter, can be warmed up if it shines through the window. Take advantage and warm blankets or clothes, couches. No sun? Throw a cozy blanket into the dryer for three minutes and wrap yourself up in heat.

Tip # 3 – Exertion -

Apartment Eleven80 amenities has something for everyone to help you stay healthy and warm. Indoor Basketball Courts and Bowling too. Check out the great variety offered here.

Tip #4 Humidify Or Bake -

Boiling water can help retain the heat (add essential oils or potpourri for an amazing aromatic ambiance) or simply cook your favorite things to help add to the warmth.

Tip # 5 – Staying Warm -

Take a hot bath/ shower, use a heating blanket or space heater. add layers of clothes

We hope you enjoyed our tips!

Staying warm can be easy if you know what to do. We're glad you're here and value you as our resident. Thank you for choosing Eleven80 and if you have any more tips, just let us know.

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